Our Activities

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai

Fem Fighters takes action in a variety of ways. The group hosts, and will host more workshops, discussions, and other various events which are and will be open to the students of Lund University. The purpose of these workshops are to foster a deeper understanding of the issues within gender and sustainability, and to help peers begin to see the connectivity of the two.

In addition, one goal of the group is to directly address policy makers, administrative figures, and the structure of the university itself, and learn how to work together to facilitate a better method to encourage gender awareness and equality, as well as sustainability, within the curriculum.

We have bi-weekly meetings from August to May for Active members, as well as events, ted talks, and fun movie nights which offer interested folks the ability to come and discuss a large variety of topics related to gender and sustainability, from media to medical.

Go to our facebook page to sign up for new activities or start getting involved. 🙂

A few things we’ve done…

Workshop: Gendered Consumption and the Environment. April 2019. Sustainability Week: Lund University.

Participation in a Public Performance and March on International Women’s Day. March 2019. Lund City Center.

Commemoration and Discussion on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. November 2018. Lund City Center.

The True Cost of Fast Fashion – Documentary Night. November 2018. Lund University. LUCSUS.

Workshop: Trash the Patriarchy – The Intersectionality of Climate Change. November 2018. Smålands Nation.

Women and Climate Change – Documentary Night. October 2018. Lund University. LUCSUS.

Workshop: Smash the Patriarchy! – Gendered language and feminism. April 2018. Sustainability Week: Lund University. LUCSUS.

Workshop: Why gender matters when it comes to the changing climate. April 2018. Sustainability Week: Lund University. LUCSUS.

Documentary Screening: Man Up! − Exploring the toxic effects of gender roles. April 2018. Sustainability Week: Lund University. LUCSUS.

International Women’s Day. March 2018. Social Media Campaign #Pressforprogress

USV Career Day. November 2017. Skissernas Museum.

Sustainability Forum. October 2017. AF Borgen.

New student workshop. August 2017. Wrangel.

Milking Mother Earth: discovering the complex connections between gender and sustainability. May 2017. Wrangel. Link here

Teacher’s Briefing. May 2017. LUCSUS

Seminar Brainstorm. April 2017. Private Residence.

International Women’s Day Workshop. March 2017. Wrangel.

Future’s Workshop. January 2017. LUCSUS.

Digital Media:

Reclaim the night campaign